Protect Your Health


There are a number of things to consider when it comes to life when you are less than healthy such as

  • How to pay the bills
  • Who will run my business while I get better
  • How long will work pay me for?
  • What is it going to cost me for medical treatment?


We provide a range of insurances to protect you in these circumstances, including:

  • Health insurance (anchor to top to sub heading for that insurance)
  • Trauma insurance (anchor to top to sub heading for that insurance)
  • Income protection insurance
  • Mortgage protection insurance


Do we really need health insurance?

Hopefully not! BUT if you are one of the 15% of adult Kiwis who ends up in hospital each year, do you want to have choices as to when you get care and where you are looked after WITHOUT the worry of paying the bill?

Health insurance should help you to cover the “big ticket” costs! Click here to see the actual costs of medical treatments. Do you have the money on hand to cover these costs today? This is where health insurance helps to get you back on your feet enjoying your life and earning a living.

Some commonly asked questions

Is your health insurance going to deliver the goods when it really counts? Do you need to pay high premiums for a policy that will reimburse you for going to the GP?

If you only go to your GP once or twice a year then the extra you are paying in premiums may not be providing good value for money.

Does this cover me for 100% of the cost?

Some policies will cover you for a percentage of the cost. Others will cover the usual and customary costs of the procedure. If an operation will cost $24,000 and your policy will cover 80% – could you find the remaining $4,800? We would recommend a policy that covers you for 100% of the cost of the procedure.

Can I afford an excess?

The higher the excess, the lower the monthly premium – just the same system as excesses on car and contents insurance. An excess of $500 may be easier to find than the full cost of the treatment. Let us help you make the right decision regarding an excess.

What excess options are available and if I choose an excess, how does it work?

They differ from company to company – some charge the excess once per person per policy year – other companies charge per procedure – we can explain how the excess will work for you at claim time.

Will my health insurance cover non-pharmac drugs? Will it cover oncology treatments?

It depends on the insurance companies offering. Each of the insurance companies has slightly different offerings – we can provide you with easy to understand advice as to who you should entrust your health to.

What if I have existing conditions?

If you have been diagnosed with a condition or suspect you have a condition, it is unlikely that this condition will be covered.

If you have existing health insurance in place and you have developed health conditions since putting it in place, it may be that switching to a new health insurance provider with higher limits and/ or lower premiums is not the best move. Those conditions may be excluded from your new policy. Ask questions – understand the exclusions – are they reviewable – how significant are they? Taylor Made can help you to make the right decision.

When is the best time to put health insurance in place?

When you are young and healthy and have no health conditions that may result in an exclusion on your policy. Please note – if you have cover in place and then have children, a number of leading health insurers let you add your children to the policy before they are 3 months old without any medical underwriting. Let us know if your family is about to expand and we can help you.