A little and often … or a panic at the end!

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This same principle applies to investing – start and keep going on a regular basis, and the “end result” will be far more favourable than a panic approaching in your 50s.

Have a look at the graphs below – a 30 year old earning $80,000, has a $5,000 balance and contributes 3% of their income. At age 65, they will have a forecasted balance of $1,000,000 (see graph 1).

Let’s say that same person starts contributing at age 40 with an income of $110,000 – the balance at age 65 is $530,000 (see graph 2).

Have a look at the figures below – a huge difference to your retirement lifestyle!



That 10-year difference will have a huge impact on how this client can live in retirement.

So keep up the 30-minute exercise regime and start with regular monthly savings and you will greatly increase your chances of a healthy, wealthy retirement!

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