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Gave yourself a pat on the back for getting the task done … and never looked at them since? This is commonplace with many of the clients I meet with. Life is so busy, and you feel confident knowing you have policies in place. Life, however, is fluid –.
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          Yesterday I met with 2 young women who had lost their mother recently.  One of the women has her insurances with me and was seeking assistance in dealing with the claims process. Their Mum did not have her insurances with me; as such I asked the girls to.
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If you own your life insurance policy and pass away prematurely, the funds may not go where you want them to. Bear in mind, you will not be around to referee! Many clients own insurance policies on their own lives.. Read more
Many of my clients' wealth is directly linked to their own business.  Did you know that 97% of New Zealand businesses have 20 or fewer employees?  As such the ability of the owner and usually the key person in that business to work hands-on in the business is critical. Asteron Life research.
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    Your home, your business, your earning capacity, your smile …? Often, we meet with clients and they firmly believe that their home is their greatest asset. This is ingrained in our national psyche, and certainly, a mortgage-free home forms a great. Read more
One of the most exciting, daunting and exhausting times in life is the arrival of your first child – closely followed by the arrival of a second or third child! Life has changed forever and you are now responsible for. Read more
Some of the clients that I meet with have the view that with the $1,000 government kickstart disappearing a few years back, it no longer makes sense for their children to be enrolled with a KiwiSaver provider. Bear in mind,. Read more

Have you wondered how student loans work? My son Cameron has just finished his degree and I was a little unsure how it all worked particularly if he decides to travel so here is the deal!

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Cancer impacts on so many people that we know and love. The cancer society runs some key fundraisers throughout the year and my husband, Glyn and I will be participating in this years “Walking Under the Stars” on the 26th of November.

It’s New Zealand’s only night time walking half marathon, bringing people together to.

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