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Have you wondered how student loans work? My son Cameron has just finished his degree and I was a little unsure how it all worked particularly if he decides to travel so here is the deal!

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Cancer impacts on so many people that we know and love. The cancer society runs some key fundraisers throughout the year and my husband, Glyn and I will be participating in this years “Walking Under the Stars” on the 26th of November.

It’s New Zealand’s only night time walking half marathon, bringing people together to.

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Diane Maxwell on making NZ Super sustainable by increasing the age of eligibility, means testing, hiking minimum KiwiSaver contributions & making it harder for migrants to qualify

The Retirement Commissioner warns New Zealand Superannuation isn’t sustainable in its current form, so we need to prepare for change. Diane Maxwell says it’s inevitable the period of time you.
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Authorised Financial Adviser, Lynda Taylor, reveals some common mistakes that she comes across when reviewing people's protection plans.

  1. Ownership
    Make sure you have the right people owning the insurance policy so that the money goes where it should.
  2. Not protecting your greatest asset - the ability to earn.
    How long could your household manage without the primary.
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There are a number of dedicated insurance companies in New Zealand and their offerings all differ slightly. They will differ in terms of their policy wordings; for example, some will offer free trauma cover for your children, others will pay immediately on an income protection policy.

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Care to join me and participate in the DUAL??

Motutapu & Rangitoto Islands, Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday 19 March, 2016

Please have a look on the following website to find out about the Dual (http://www.thedual.co.nz/) – there are many options for all different fitness levels – I have entered the 21km run and “yes” I am officially.

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Why do my insurance premiums keep going up? What can I do about it? The premiums increase for 2 reasons ... 1. As you get a year older, you are deemed to be a greater risk to the insurer and more likely to claim. The premiums are the price you pay to cover the risk -.
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